Osteoporosis is a bone condition that decreases the density of bones thereby making it porous. Because of it, fractures of spine, hip and wrist are widespread. Women are common victims but it can also happen to men. Other risk factors include cigarette smoking, alcohol, family history, insufficient physical activity and low calcium intake. Primary osteoporosis includes two types. Type I is characterized by estrogen-deficiency or menopause and Type II can be attributed to age.

While there is no cure for osteoporosis, it is preventable with some changes and treatments. Here’s a look:

Change lifestyle

The first thing to do is evaluate your lifestyle. You should start living a healthy life as soon as possible if you want to enjoy it. You can begin by exercising. Regular exercise is important because it can strengthen and condition the bone. You should also be mindful of the food you eat by eating foods rich in calcium. If you prefer taking supplements, you should buy calcium supplements.

Hormone replacement therapy

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is an option for women over 50 or women who experienced early menopause. Estrogen is vital in the strength of the bone but it will significantly drop when women experience menopause. When this happens, women can choose HRT. HRT address the estrogen level by replacing it.


Bisphosphonates are composed of medicines that work together to slow down the rate of bone dissolve. You can choose between alendronic acid anddisodium etidronate but of course doctors know best.


This treatment is specifically used by postmenopausal women and in some cases men with high risk of acquiring fractures. Basically, daily injections are given that can help increase the formation of bones.