If you want to land an IT job, Silicon Valley is the place for people like you. It has never changed as Silicon Valley remains as the number one hotbed of IT activity.

However, these small cities are slowly transforming into tech hubs.

St. Louis

Tech openings in St. Louis have recently increased to 25%, and so are the salaries. An average IT salary is up to about $81,000 now, making St. Louis a startup town. Much of this development is made by St. Louis Technology Entrepreneur Network, which assists new companies in writing business plans, finding mentors, and getting funding.


Charlotte’s oil and gas industry is flourishing, causing the need to step up its tech recruiting activity. There are more than 550 big and small companies in Charlotte, and thus the creation of technology and engineering jobs is unstoppable. Right now, there are several energy investments that are underway, which will require tech workforce.


Austin has been a centre of IT startups for a couple of decades now. Over the years, it has been drawing investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Austin is indeed an ideal place for tech startups and for techies to land IT jobs.


IT job postings in Phoenix have significantly increased recently. Right now, the city bags the fourth spot for tech salary growth in the U.S. Many companies are opening offices in less expensive and more liveable places like Phoenix. With people starting to consider the cost of living and quality of life, Phoenix becomes a great place for people who want to get tech jobs.