The mobile and wireless industry business has been undergoing through a huge shift from the old voice type to data driven offerings. Statistics have revealed that data earnings has increased exponentially of more than thirty percent each year where else the voice intakes have been decreasing in growth.

With the introduction of cell phones and the increase in its popularity, the older 2G type of cellular network that was implemented in the early days were no longer able to provide the type of speed needed for the usage of high data resource apps. Hence the industry came up with a new set of 3G technology with a change of bandwidth piping infrastructure to cater to the needs of high tech services and applications. Ever since the release of 3G, data demand has greatly increased.

However, as more and more people are going on mobile globally, it is found that 3G no longer can keep up to it’s demand. An introduction to 4G was then announced that would increase the speed significantly also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). The LTE Forum 2010 takes quick steps and measures to assist operators in the identification of the necessary steps into 4G.

Guides on what needs to be done to stay on top of the market trends are also released. Quite a number of mobile service providers, statical analsts, regulators and the mobile industry professionals will present the logic and reasoning of why, when and how to integrate over to 4G LTE and what should be done to cater for further improvements in the long term.

The special focus of this conference is on:

* The LTE Business environment
* LTE Deployment, the infrastructure supplier’s perspective
* LTE Business Models
* LTE Performance Expectations

About LTE
4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) elaborates on the ever changing of mobile technology over the years that brings about great benefits for consumers who are now able to enjoy much faster bandwidth data speed and getting into exposure of new services that are optimised for IP-based traffic which in turn provides service providers an easy way of updating from 3G networks. To adhere to these vast improvements, talks of how the development of main infrastructure of cell networks also known as SAE.

With both combined, telecommunication providers will notice a exponential boost in their network performances with the upgrades to 4G. The difference can benoted as 2 to 4 times higher. This results in LTE networks inducing an increased amount of data bits into similar numbers of spectrum as 3G and HSPA thus revolving into much additional data speed with a higher volume of transfer space.

With LTE implemented, it will assure providers that 4G will remain competitive for at least the next decade. This comes at a result of high data yields and at a low-latency packet-optimised system.

LTE would be made available for mobile, fixed lines and portable wireless internet entries, and would also be used to offer a huge list of benefits to providers all over the world of which one includes increasing the capacity while lower the complicity of the network systems and hence making it much easier to implement with lower operating costs. This would in turn benefit customers as they would be able to obtain access to faster services at a much lower cost.

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Osteoporosis is a bone condition that decreases the density of bones thereby making it porous. Because of it, fractures of spine, hip and wrist are widespread. Women are common victims but it can also happen to men. Other risk factors include cigarette smoking, alcohol, family history, insufficient physical activity and low calcium intake. Primary osteoporosis includes two types. Type I is characterized by estrogen-deficiency or menopause and Type II can be attributed to age.

While there is no cure for osteoporosis, it is preventable with some changes and treatments. Here’s a look:

Change lifestyle

The first thing to do is evaluate your lifestyle. You should start living a healthy life as soon as possible if you want to enjoy it. You can begin by exercising. Regular exercise is important because it can strengthen and condition the bone. You should also be mindful of the food you eat by eating foods rich in calcium. If you prefer taking supplements, you should buy calcium supplements.

Hormone replacement therapy

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is an option for women over 50 or women who experienced early menopause. Estrogen is vital in the strength of the bone but it will significantly drop when women experience menopause. When this happens, women can choose HRT. HRT address the estrogen level by replacing it.


Bisphosphonates are composed of medicines that work together to slow down the rate of bone dissolve. You can choose between alendronic acid anddisodium etidronate but of course doctors know best.


This treatment is specifically used by postmenopausal women and in some cases men with high risk of acquiring fractures. Basically, daily injections are given that can help increase the formation of bones.

Heartburn is a condition where one may experience a burning feeling in the chest and a bitter or sour taste in the mouth. Heartburn transpires when the acidic content of the stomach flows back into the esophagus. This feeling is unpleasant therefore you should treat it as soon as possible.

If you observed that you experience regular heartburn accompanied with chest pain, coughing and sore throat, you should see the doctor because it may be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflex disease or commonly called GERD. If it is only heartburn, you should consider the following things:

Watch your food intake. The treatments of heartburn always begin with us. You should pay attention to the food you eat and that includes avoiding foods that can activate heartburn. Foods like coffee, spicy foods, vinegar, tomatoes, chocolate, garlic, onion, fatty foods, citrus fruits and many more should be avoided. It is better to eat small portion at a time and chew slowly. Avoid sleeping after eating.

Quit smoking. Smoking not only disintegrates the lungs but it can also decrease the effectiveness of the muscle that maintains acids in the stomach. Do yourself a favour and stop smoking.

Drink aloe vera juice. This is a natural remedy used to calm an irritated esophagus. You should remember though not to take it directly because it may be contaminated. It is best to purchase over-the-counter aloe vera juice.

Apply slippery elm. The bark of slippery elm tree holds mucilage-a substance that can coat the esophagus. This substance is also found in sore throat lozenges.

Eat marshmallow. Like slippery elm, marshmallow contains mucilage that can effectively coat and calm the lining of the esophagus.

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise always helps protect the body from any disorder or in this case acid reflux that can eventually lead to heartburn.

When a professional athlete is found – or, in some cases, admits – to using an illegal substance, the media flocks to the news and commotion ensues in the sporting world. In fact, even rumours of high-profile players using artificial performance-enhancing methods can start controversies. But what are these techniques, and why are they banned exactly?

Blood Doping

Blood doping is medically used only during emergencies when there’s no enough time for cross-matching and determining the patient’s blood type for transfusion. When used by athletes, it increases the number of their red blood cells and enhances their performances. This is done by removing about 2 pints of the player’s blood and freezing it. Then, it will be thawed and transfused back to the player a day or two before the competition.

Gene Doping

There’s a lot of prestige and money involved in the sports industry, which is why some people have developed novel techniques to improve players’ performance, such as gene doping. While gene doping is originally used to treat naturally-occurring genetic problems, it has been used on some athletes to alter their genes and artificially improve their bodies. Depending on the type of gene used, this method can make a person stronger, faster or increase their stamina.


Not all substances banned in sporting events are considered illegal drugs. Case in point: caffeine, the very same substance found in our coffee. The reason caffeine is prohibited in professional sports is that this substance, which is technically a drug, can improve muscle contractibility, reduce fatigue, improve concentration and enhance alertness. However, caffeine could also have harmful effects on some performance, like motor technique and control due to over stimulation.

If you want to land an IT job, Silicon Valley is the place for people like you. It has never changed as Silicon Valley remains as the number one hotbed of IT activity.

However, these small cities are slowly transforming into tech hubs.

St. Louis

Tech openings in St. Louis have recently increased to 25%, and so are the salaries. An average IT salary is up to about $81,000 now, making St. Louis a startup town. Much of this development is made by St. Louis Technology Entrepreneur Network, which assists new companies in writing business plans, finding mentors, and getting funding.


Charlotte’s oil and gas industry is flourishing, causing the need to step up its tech recruiting activity. There are more than 550 big and small companies in Charlotte, and thus the creation of technology and engineering jobs is unstoppable. Right now, there are several energy investments that are underway, which will require tech workforce.


Austin has been a centre of IT startups for a couple of decades now. Over the years, it has been drawing investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Austin is indeed an ideal place for tech startups and for techies to land IT jobs.


IT job postings in Phoenix have significantly increased recently. Right now, the city bags the fourth spot for tech salary growth in the U.S. Many companies are opening offices in less expensive and more liveable places like Phoenix. With people starting to consider the cost of living and quality of life, Phoenix becomes a great place for people who want to get tech jobs.